Cheat Your Way to a Fit Body

Can "cheat meals" actually help you with your diet/weight loss goals? We explore if they're necessary and what impact they can have on you!

Nutritional Information Overload!!!

We all know that no workout program is complete without a healthy balanced nutrition regimen. So where can we find the secret information that will transform our bodies? You can do a quick google search and find millions of diets....but what are the nutrition basics everyone should follow??


Ryan Reynolds 12 Year Prep for Deadpool

By: Pearl Maalouf BS, FMSC, CPT, CF-L1 Ryan Reynolds has been training for for twelve years, dating back to Blade: Trinity. Before Blade: Trinity Reynolds didn't care too...

Jessica Alba is our #Fitspo

Jessica Alba's Instagram profile (@jessicaalba) has some amazing #Fitspo posts! Check out some of my favorite Instagram posts by her and get inspired!

Adriana Lima #Fitspo

Here's some #fitspo to get you pumped for your workouts this week! Check out Adriana Limas fit pics and get to work! 💪


Happy Hour with Perrier

How to enjoy happy hour while loosing weight!

#DiaLebTurns5 You’re Invited!

DiaLeb - National Diabetes Org - is celebrating its 5th anniversary. Many people live with type 2 diabetes and don't know. Lets spread awareness & support!

Weekly Workout: Take a Breath….Khod Nafas and do Yoga

I hope that no matter where you are in the world this week, you pop in a yoga DVD, load a yoga class on YouTube, or attend a yoga class in person and just take a breath. Sometimes it can really make all the difference in this modern world!


Gym 9 – REVIEW

Check out Gym 9 - a new multi-functional training facility in Lebanon!

VOX Gold Cinema Experience – REVIEW

Check out VOX Gold Cinemas!

Spinney’s Online Delivery – REVIEW

If you haven't tried it yet - Spinney's online delivery service is a life changer! I'm usually the type of person that loves walking...


Pain Free Arm Workout

Do you get any pain in your elbows or wrists when training arms? Or want to avoid getting pain in these areas? Then try out this workout !

Pregnancy: A Time to Grow

Pregnancy can be overwhelming but it can also be a time for reflection and retrospection. Follow a few of my tips and make the most out of this special time with your changing body and growing baby.

#FitMom – Cadenshae REVIEW

Cadenshae founder, Nikki Croft, is a fit mom that is creating activewear for maternity and...

Gym Bag Essentials

Must have items for your gym bag--and links to the exact products that I use and LOVE!

Why are You HERE?

Why are you HERE? Why do you workout? Exercising is about so much more than just loosing weight.


Pumpkin Chicken Stew Recipe

A hearty, healthy--and heart healthy-- chilly weather favorite. Enjoy this during the transition in to spring and bookmark for next fall!


Ghent and Bruges Day Trip from Brussels

Brussels and Antwerp are two fairly famous cities for different reasons but I had honestly never heard of Ghent or Bruge before I started...


Work hard, play hard! But don't gain back all the weight you shed before your annual beach vacation 😉 Here’s how to keep fit on YOUR next vaca without sacrificing all the FUN you want to have!

The Shogun – Beirut – REVIEW

Shogun is located downtown Beirut on the highest level with a beautiful view of Beirut. When you first walk in the statement table right...


Top 10 Must Have Tools For Your Health

This list breaks down the essentials that you need...keep it handy for birthdays, holidays, graduation gifts or when you just want to get something new to support your healthy lifestyle!

Fit Celebs – Love ’em or Hate ’em

Even with money to have the best trainers, nutritionists, and chefs these celebs still have to have discipline, dedication, and motivation to follow through with any workout/nutrition plan.

In the Beginning…

Not everyone was born fit and athletic. But with the right guidance you can mold your body into anything you want! Take a look into where I came from and how I started!
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