8 Food Items That May be Loaded With Sugar

Sometimes the marketing teams get the better of us and trick us with the wording on the labels or with the packaging. Sometimes we just don’t think that an item would have sugar! You may even find that some of these items are in your house right now! Let us know if you’re surprised at any thing on this list.

1. Tomato Sauce/Spaghetti Sauce/Ketchup – This one is a shocker, after all, would you add sugar to tomatoes? Ketchup can pack around 22 g of sugar in a 100g serving. WOW. Try this ketchup alternative.

2. Salad Dressing – When you make your own dressing at home what do you put in it? Lemon juice, olive oil, maybe some spices…surely not sugar!? Although it all depends on the brand, a popular dressing like Italian dressing can pack 240 calories in a 100 g serving and 11g of sugar! Try this sugar free/fat free alternative.

3. Snack Bars – The big label on the front says “14 g of protein”, but make sure you read the nutrition facts too. There may be ingredients like brown sugar, cane juice, maple syrup, etc that can pack in the sugar counts. Try this protein bar with just 4 g of net carbs (lots of fiber!).

4. Flavored Oatmeal – Oatmeal is a great source of fiber, pre-flavored oatmeal that come in little packets are a great source of sugar! You’re better off taking a few extra minutes to make your own, adding in cinnamon and chopping up your own fruit. You can also try this no-sugar-added quick oat pack as well.

5. Low Fat ANYTHING – Low fat doesn’t mean healthy. Low fat also doesn’t mean low in sugar. When fat is removed usually the flavor is made up though sugar! So be careful and always read ingredients and nutrition labels when shopping.

6. Iced Tea – Unfortunately this popular summer drink is loaded with sugar. Popular brands have have around 24g of sugar in a 240mL serving! Try this unsweetened bottled tea or try to make your own!

7. Coffee Drinks – Most cafe/restaurants won’t tell you this, but there isn’t really much “coffee” in your blended coffee drinks! A medium sized blended coffee drink can pack over 400 calories and 60 g of sugar! If you don’t like your coffee black, I suggest adding a scoop of chocolate flavored protein to your cup or you can buy this pre-made coffee drink!