he biggest and most frequent compliment we get from our clients is that we made the gym interesting and FUN for them. We decided to take that to next level and make the gym a TRULY a fun with professional DJ MIXES (Thanks DJ JAM!) and with our laser light show it will be a fitness party every night!

10 Not-So-Basic Black Leggings You NEED!

Honestly I have a LOT of black leggings but I just can't resist looking for more! Here are some of my top picks of black leggings that you NEED!

Weekly Workout

Weekly Workout (WW)-This is a new segment to get you motivated to have an active weekend! It is a great circuit for anyone to try out, just follow along the video if you aren't sure how to perform a movement.

8 Reasons Why Women Should Lift Weights – And Not be...

By: Pearl Maalouf BS, FMSC, CPT, CF-L1 First things first, the reason why this article even needs to be written, is because there are a few big...

Why are You HERE?

Why are you HERE? Why do you workout? Exercising is about so much more than just loosing weight.

To Squat or Not To Squat

The squat has been a controversial topic in fitness for quite some time now. Some say you need to squat, some say you don't; some say you need to squat deep and other claim that is bad for your knees. So, what are we to believe?

Pain Free Arm Workout

Do you get any pain in your elbows or wrists when training arms? Or want to avoid getting pain in these areas? Then try out this workout !

Rock Your Wedding!

How to have the best wedding-physically, mentally, and spiritually- within yourself and with your future spouse!

John Krasinski – Lost 16% Bodyfat Going From the Office to...

By: Pearl Maalouf BS, FMSC, CPT, CF-L1 John Krasinski - you may remember him from his role in The Office - has a new role and...

1st Trimester Exercise Guidelines

By: Pearl Maalouf BS, FMSC, CPT, CF-L1 Congratulations on your pregnancy! If your goal is to stay as healthy as possible during pregnancy then incorporating exercise...
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