The Energy is Real

By: Ann-Marie Berdar Have you ever participated in a yoga class and experienced a change in your mood at the conclusion of your practice? Have...

6 Steps to Get a 6 Pack

Here are some simple but powerful steps to reveal your abs!

Changing Pregnancy Misconceptions in Lebanon

When I first started telling friends that I was pregnant I was shocked at the different reactions I got from people in Lebanon vs people in the US.

Blogilates’ Cassey Ho- New GORGEOUS Activewear Line

Cassey Ho is the founder of the popular website "Blogilates" and POP Pilates. Check out her new activewear line today!

How Your Workouts Should Change as You Age

In most of the world it is a common notion that the gym is for the younger crowd. But the elderly are the people that NEED to workout!


he biggest and most frequent compliment we get from our clients is that we made the gym interesting and FUN for them. We decided to take that to next level and make the gym a TRULY a fun with professional DJ MIXES (Thanks DJ JAM!) and with our laser light show it will be a fitness party every night!

Make Your Biceps Grow Now!

  By: Robert Maalouf BS, CSCS, FMSC, CPT, CF-L1 What guy wouldn't want bigger biceps? I think we can all agree most of us would be...

10 Dos and Dont’s to Boost Your Fitness Motivation

If you’re having trouble getting motivated, here are a couple of tips to help you keep your motivation levels high throughout the year.

New Year’s Resolutions – Are they worth all the hype?

All the ads change from candy canes to fitness clothes. Self-help books rise to the bestseller lists. But these resolutions are notorious for not lasting past February, maybe March. So are they worth it?

Why are You HERE?

Why are you HERE? Why do you workout? Exercising is about so much more than just loosing weight.
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