#CheatMealGoals – First Edition

Somehow I have a habit of attracting pictures, articles, or videos of these places all over the world that are really going over the top with their junk food creations! So I thought I would start a fun series where I share my finds with you all!

New Year’s Resolutions – Are they worth all the hype?

All the ads change from candy canes to fitness clothes. Self-help books rise to the bestseller lists. But these resolutions are notorious for not lasting past February, maybe March. So are they worth it?


Soooooo, how are those New Year's Resolutions going?? ;) If you're having trouble keeping your calories low I've got great news for you! ENLIGHTENED...

Salata Eatery:

Following the wave of healthy options that are blossoming around Lebanon, Salata Eatery is offering healthy gourmet salad bowls that rival those...

Jessica Alba is our #Fitspo

Jessica Alba's Instagram profile (@jessicaalba) has some amazing #Fitspo posts! Check out some of my favorite Instagram posts by her and get inspired!

TrainStation’s #TSTheUnit Launch!

TrainStation's "The Unit" is a 30 minute HIIT style class incorporating cardio, bodyweight moves, strength sets and even some balance moves!


Most self help articles or books on how to be happier name exercise, eating well, being social, and regularly taking time for yourself to focus...

#FitMom – Momzelle REVIEW

Pre-baby my husband thought breastfeeding tops were useless and just another scheme to make new parents buy things they don't really need. However now...

Bistro Bar – SerVme – REVIEW

serVme hosted a cocktail party at BistroBar Live in Hamra! We got to try their new food and cocktail menu!

DiaLeb’s 1st Diabetes Summer Camp

We had the opportunity to participate in the first Diabetes Summer Camp. Regular exercise, yoga and meditation can make maintaining a steady blood sugar level easier so we had some great sessions hoping to inspire and educate them on the benefits of being active.
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