Where to Eat Light in Lebanon!

In the land known for it’s hospitality and generous hosts it may be hard to stick to a diet…couple that with an abundance of bakeries, olive oil and rich pastries covered in honey, cream, and cheese it will be hard NOT to return home without a few extra kilos!

The good news is that there are lots of ways to enjoy traditional Lebanese cuisine without packing on calories. But there are also lots of places that serve light and healthy meals that you can visit in between the traditional 3 hour long Lebanese lunches.

  • Fresh Healthy Cafe – Jal al Dib – Soups, salads, juices, smoothies, there are lots of options here! You can also get some of their items in movie theaters around Beirut.
  • Eat Sunshine – Ashrafieh – Love eating organic/free range/wild caught good-for-your-soul food? Then this is your place.
  • The Cheesecake Factory – Verdun – A great option if your friends aren’t into eating healthy, this way you can order from their extensive “skinny” menu and they can have their loaded pasta. Although you may have to keep your eyes closed as you walk past the cake display!
  • Kitchen Confidential – Ashrafieh – Are you gluten free but craving pastries/pizza/pasta? Check out KC and all of their allergen friendly foods!
  • Roadster Diner – Located pretty much everywhere they also have a light menu where you can get items like a kale quinoa salad that will fill you up while still keeping the calories low.
  • Urbanista – Hamra – Open salad bar for lunch? Can’t get any healthier than that! Just be sure to go easy on the dressing 🙂
  • Breakfast Barn – Ashrafieh – Although it has “Breakfast” in it’s name, it’s a great option for lunch too!
  • Fiber – Hamra – A detailed menu tells you all the information you would want to know to make sure you’re eating right. We love their turkey egg pizza 🙂