Soooooo, how are those New Year’s Resolutions going?? 😉 If you’re having trouble keeping your calories low I’ve got great news for you! ENLIGHTENED has TWO amazing snacks that will satisfy your need to munch without loading up on the fat/sugar!

First up are the ENLIGHTENED Roasted Broad Bean Crisps. They are basically bean chips, and I know that sounds crazy but TRUST ME these are amazing and highly addictive! There are several different flavors and you can see close ups in the pictures below. There is so much flavor packed onto these beans it’s crazy! They have spicy, savory, salty and even our favorite garlic and onion flavor! BUT if you happen to see a bag of their cinnmaon or cocoa beans then snatch those right up because they are delicious 🙂 You can visit their website, follow them on Facebook or shop on Amazon.

The second diet killer is ice cream, traditionally made with lots of cream and sugar it’s usually a no-no when you’re trying to loose weight or get healthy. Enter ENLIGHTENED Ice Cream Pints and bars! They are high protein and high fiber while being low sugar and low fat, so you can indulge and STILL stay healthy. We loved all of their chocolate-y flavors!

Sea Salt
Garlic & Onion – YUM
Mesquite BBQ