#FitMom – Cake Maternity REVIEW

Cake Maternity first caught my eye when I saw how inclusive they were with their choice of models and sizing. No matter what size you are you can find the perfect bra for you! Women you know that you need to keep the girls well supported in whatever you do from daily activities to working out! They have tops for all different activities and I was happy to try out a few of their different styles.cake-seamlesscake-seamless-2

Sleep and Yoga Nursing Bra

This is one of the bras that I most frequently use! I love the racerback design and it works well underneath most of my tops. It has the right amount of support, while still being soft. I would recommend getting multiple pairs of this bra! It’s great for lounging in the house, for a light workout and anything else in between! As it is unlined I do insert my own cups and nursing pads so there’s no nip showing in my shirts and no leakage.

cake-waffle-nursing-braWaffle Bra

Compared to every other nursing bra I have this is the only one that looks like a “normal” bra. It is contoured so it has a bit of a shape to it but the downside is that when the flap is pulled down it sticks out a bit more compared to the lounge-style bras which fold over easier. The polka dot inner sling (sling refers to the bit of fabric that remains when you open the flap to keep you covered from the top and sides) offers a dainty touch. It also has a matching pair of undies too! I’d recommending getting a few pairs because even though it’s a nursing bra it looks romantic and sexy. Just that little touch may make you feel like your old self even while you’re knee deep in diapers!

cake-lotus-nursing-bra-2 Lotus Yoga and Pumping Bra

This top was SO comfortable and soft! I really enjoyed wearing this as a maternity and nursing bra. The opening on this bra is smaller than what I’m used to and right now Max still doesn’t know how to latch on his own so I’ve mainly used this top during my pregnancy and overnight when I know I’ll only be pumping, not nursing. The blue and white layers crossover in the back for a fun pattern (although sometimes hard to figure out when you’re sleep deprived hehe) that also doubles for a functional purpose- distributing your newfound chest weight. This bra isn’t meant for any heavy duty workouts – but it is great for lounging around the house or doing some light movments.