#FitMom – KB Cute Designs REVIEW

The main thing that hinders new mom’s ability to get back into working out – after they’ve been cleared by their doctor – is lack of sleep! Babies don’t understand that parents need uninterrupted time to do things to take care of themselves. That’s where swaddling comes in! If you’re not aware of what swaddling is please click here to watch a video about it.

Basically if your newborn is nice and snug he/she will feel comfortable and safe and will probably sleep longer! It is important that you find the right swaddling blanket, you want to make sure it’s stretchy, not too thick, breathable, and fun designs (that’s last item is mostly for the parent’s benefit 🙂

KB Cute Designs makes many different items, but I love her swaddle sets. They are all of the items I listed above and kept my baby consistently sleeping 3-4 hours during naptimes. If you’re a new mom you know that a 4 hour nap, day or night, is amazing and can leave you feeling so refreshed! There were quite a few times where I swaddled my baby up and confidently left him with my husband knowing he would be out for a few hours so I could go and workout a bit!img_8285

Now that he is three months old we don’t swaddle him unless he is having a really hard time sleeping (thanks growth spurts!) but they are the perfect size to stuff in my diaper bag in case he gets cold! I have also used them as a nursing cover when I’m out and don’t have time to use my regular nursing cover.