#FitMom- Lalabu REVIEW

When your baby is brand new, and especially if YOU are a brand new mom everything regarding your little one can seem a little overwhelming. You want to balance spending time cuddling with your newborn while still getting some things done for yourself…like eating! 🙂 If your baby gets really affected by growth spurts -like mine did- you can expect to hold your baby and nurse for hours and hours which makes doing anything near impossible! With the Lalabu Soothe Shirt all of your worries can be – somewhat – alleviated. Instead of having to worry about setting up a sling or carrier on top of your clothing – your clothing has a built in pouch that you can just slip your newborn in!

#FitMoms this shirt will tremendously help you our post partum as your body is recovering your doctor probably told you only light activity is recommended. You can keep your baby in the stroller BUT for a little added resistance you can put him in your shirt when you go out for walks. Your little babes added weight will be just enough of a challenge to suit your current needs!

Another great advantage of having the pouch as a part of your shirt is that there zero set up required! If you are out and there is an emergency melt down this shirt can be a lifesaver! You just pop your baby in and hold him close to comfort him. I do love baby wearing and use a wrap myself (you can read about it here) but during those first few weeks I was barely sleeping (read:should not be trusted to experiment with typing a wrap for the first time) and so it was much easier for me to just have the Lalabu shirt to carry him in!

You can nurse while your baby is in the Soothe shirt but the makers at Lalabu recommend that you take your baby out of the pouch before nursing. Either way, having the shirt ready to hold him after I was done nursing was a life saver. The style of the shirt keeps him so close to you and facilitates such a wonderful bonding experience that both mom and baby can really enjoy. You will need to keep one hand on your baby at all times – especially to help support his neck – but it does make some daily tasks easier to do. We live in an apartment building in the city and whenever I needed to go somewhere close I just put Max in my pouch and go! A great plus is that he almost always fell asleep in the pouch after just a few minutes.

The shirt is super thick and so well made that even now when Max is 3 months old and around 5.5kgs (12 lbs) and I am still using it! The shirt can hold babies from 7-15lbs. I’ll be sad when he gets too heavy to use the Soothe Shirt (PLEASE make one that can hold heavier babies:) but I will still use it as a nursing shirt!

I think that the Lalabu Soothe Shirt is a must for all new moms whether you’re having your first or third baby! They have a great new collection out now that even includes a Soothe Shirt for men!