Gym Bag Essentials

Gym Bag Essentials

By Pearl Maalouf FMSC CPT CF-L1
What you NEED in your gym bag-and leave in there!

solo2-wireless-red-quarterHeadphones-for those times that you need to drown out that person grunting with every rep…or to get yourself excited to work out after a long day at work! I ususally just use the iphone earphones-i’m not too picky! But I’ve seen a lot of people at the gym that use bluetooth headphones, or of course if you really mean business you can go with the popular Beats Solo.

Extra hair ties and bands– I’ve bought packs and packs of hair ties over my life time…How do I always end up losing them? I’ve resorted to sticking a whole pack of ties and bands in my gym bag pocket—because there’s nothing like the feeling of your hair making you too hot or your bangs in your eyes that will absolutely ruin your workout! Hair ties- the metal free ones are the best. Hair bands-I LOVE UnderArmour’s hair bands! I think i have 3 different color packs of these and they are def. non slip. So whether I’m doing yoga, weight lifting, or a plyometrics workout-they stay put!

Gloves-sometimes our hand strength isn’t great-or our grip gets tired- or we’re just too sweaty! Gloves also double for reducing your chance for developing calluses and can help with grip too. Check out my favorite workout gloves that I stock in my gym 🙂 They are lightweight but still get the job done!

QST-93330-3Protein bar– Some gyms offer smoothies or bars in their shops but those are at a premium price! Do your wallet a favor and buy some yummy bars ahead of time and keep a few in your bag. If you get stuck at work or in traffic you can eat one before the gym or you can have it post workout to refuel if you can’t eat a meal right away. Quest bars, available at Amazon are my absolute fav. Esp the Chocolate Brownie–warm it up for 20sec in the microwave and it’s a-m-a-z-i-n-g!

Extra pair of Socks-There’s nothing like a long day of work, then sitting in traffic driving to the gym, and then realizing you forgot to bring socks for your sneakers. So do yourself a favor and always keep and extra pair of socks in your bag—but don’t forget to replace it! I have a preference for Puma socks–I’ve been using this particular line of Puma half terry socks for over a year and they are so soft-but still stay dry. I love them!


Let me know what YOUR must haves are for your gym bag- I’d love to hear them! Let’s continue the discussion in the comments below 🙂

P.S. Here’s my fave gym bag. perfect for the gym, and out on the town–in case the gym isn’t your last stop of the day!


Pearl Maalouf
Pearl Maalouf