Jake Gyllenhaal is RIPPED in new movie, Southpaw!

By: Pearl Maalouf BS, FMSC, CPT, CF-L1

Jake Gyllenhaal is starring as boxer Billy Hope, in the new movie Southpaw, but instead of just exciting the Hollywood crowd, he has stirred up a lot of buzz in the fitness world as well. With just one look at him in the trailer you can see why. He looks like he has been training for this role his whole life, when in fact he trained for six months prior to filming! 2397E99F00000578-0-image-13_1417569817063

Besides learning how to box to make sure the fight scenes looked realistic he had another big obstacle to overcome. He had previously lost 30lbs (14kg) to play the role of Louis Bloom in Nightcrawler. So he not only gained back those 30lbs but an additionally 15lbs (7kg) of muscle on top of that! If anyone here is a skinny person…they know the struggle of putting on muscle, while getting super lean at the same time!

His director, Antoine Fuqua, even joined him in the gym! It’s probably good that he had some company because he reportedly spent three hours boxing in the morning and three hours of strength training, conditioning, and cardio at night. The big numbers don’t just end there, his trainer, former professional boxer Terry Claybon, says they did sit ups every day, slowly increasing up to 2,000 sit ups a day! I don’t think I’ve done 2,000 sit ups throughout my entire life! Granted, I also don’t have the abs that he does either 😛


There’s no way to compare the average person in the gym to him though, the main reason being that he had the time freedom (it was his full time job after all) to go the gym twice a day for six hours! On top of that I’m sure he had a team of doctors, nutritionists, etc monitoring his progress to make sure he was doing well.

The movie hasn’t come out in Beirut yet, and I’ve read mixed reviews about it online, but now that I know all of the incredible effort that Gyllenhaal has gone through to play this role–how can I not see it!? Let me know if you have seen it or plan to see it!! I’d love to know!
Watch the trailer and read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-3050246/2-000-sit-ups-six-hours-training-DAY-Jake-Gyllenhaal-got-ripped-new-movie-Southpaw.html#ixzz3hNjQCdff

Pearl Maalouf
Pearl Maalouf