Jessica Alba is our #Fitspo

Image Source: Instagram user jessicaalba

By: Pearl Maalouf BS, FMSC, CPT, CF-L1

Unless you’re not into the social media game…or not into hashtags…. #fitspo is a popular hashtag with more than 20million posts under that topic right now on Instagaram! “Fitspo” stands for “fitspiration”. According to Urban Dictionary this translates to “Images of active, strong, and fit women that promote proper exercise and diet”. I’d like to add in though, men can provide a lot of #fitspo as well-not just women!

Now that we’ve got that out of the way…I came across Jessica Alba’s Instagram profile (@jessicaalba) and was amazed by all the #Fitspo she was providing! Besides being an actress, she is the co-founder of The Honest Company now valued at 1.7 billion dollars! Between juggling those responsibilities and two adorable kids she makes time to hit the gym and eat healthy! She shares pictures of all the different fit activities she does from cycling to boxing to hot yoga! I also love that she isn’t perfectly styled in all the photos, they’re real photos from her everyday life showing that she’s just like us with her messy hair up in a bun and sweaty tank tops. Of course she is naturally gorgeous and has amazing skin, so she doesn’t need a ton of make up….or maybe it’s because of her all natural products she sells on her site? (Making a mental note to start using organic make up from now on so I can have Jessica’s smooth skin….)

So if you’re looking for a successful, healthy, and fit role model that is using her platform to spread positivity in the world, then check out some of my favorite Instagram posts by Jessica Alba and get inspired!

Pearl Maalouf
Pearl Maalouf