Knockout Booty Lift

Michelle Johnson, IFBB Pro & ISSA SPN & CPT

If you have recently lost a lot of weight or reduced your bodyfat, like many of us you will find you now have a not only a smaller chest, but a flatter backside. However, if you do your homework while in the process you can prevent that unwanted droop and wind up with buns of heaven! Here is a routine I swear by as a coach that will not only plump your rump but give you a lift. People will wonder if you have Butt Implants! This is a great way to do a surgery free make over.12179703_10206521305846190_181200254_n

Start with a 10 min warm up on the stairmill.

4 x 15 Stiff-Legged Dead Lifts – start with the bar at the floor and pull it up using your glutes and hamstrings. Touch the floor with the bar as you finish each movement Superset with 4 x 15 Seated Leg Curls – Squeeze heels to your glutes and lower down slowly.

4 x 10 each leg— Walking Lunges – put a bar over your shoulders

4 x 15 each leg— Bench Step-Ups with 10-15lbs Superset with 4 x 10 Single-Leg Presses

4 x 15 Reverse Hyperextensions on a Swiss ball or bench Superset with 4 x 10 each Leg Cable Straight Leg Kickbacks Superset with 4 x 20 Pop Squats – land deep and press up through your heels

Finish with 2 sets on each side using the Butt Blaster Machine. Go heavy and complete 10 reps on each side. If you don’t have a butt blaster you can always do weighted donkey kicks.

Finish with 30 mins on the Stairmill with HITT training.

Michelle at a bikini competition

Here are my top ten tricks to taking a flat rear to a full bottom in no time!

1. Load Your protein. 1 gram per lb of body weight. Have protein with every meal.

2. Never go on a fat free diet. Always eat Healthy Omega Three Fats. Have that avocado, portion control, but do have nuts without the extra salt.

3. Zig Zag your eating. Eat a low calorie, high protein diet for 2 weeks and then higher calories with carbs for 2 weeks.

4. Load Your squats, Leg Press Machines and do a variety of lunges with heavy weights for every other week. Train with light weight, sprints, plyos, hills, and the stairmaster for every 2nd and 4th week.

5. Be sure to add step ups on a bench into your routine to get the muscle under the glutes.

6. Try kickboxing and step classes.

7. And most importantly if you keep your bodyfat and muscle down in other areas, such as your tummy and legs, it will accentuate those glutes even more! Skip the plastic surgery and do the work!

8. Take time to let the muscle in not just your glutes, but legs to recover. If they don’t recover fully, the muscles won’t grow!

9. Take a pre workout mix like BeautyStrong or BeautyRecover and a post workout mix that includes branched chain amino acids like BeautyFits Beauty Heat.

10. Wear a compression garment around your waist so that booty really pops when your tummy and back fat are all gone!

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