Love Light & F***ing Bright – Wellness Retreat

By: Pearl Maalouf BS, FMSC, CPT, CF-L1

“Love Light & F***ing Bright” was a wellness retreat/yoga escape from 26 to 28 May organized by Trainstation Studio, hosted at Zenotel and lead by the amazingly down to earth Dee!


It was a three day retreat up in the mountains surrounded by chirping birds and positive energy. I had the chance to join them on Day 3 and attended two workshops with Dee. The first one was a Pranayama and Yin class which was super relaxing yet challenging at the same time. It was followed up by a ginger tea and fruit social hour then an intense and invigorating “Yang” Vinyasa flow class where we learned a LOT! After the session we all shared a yummy vegetarian lunch at the earth restaurant on site before heading back to our city lives rejuvenated!

Pearl, Christine (@BeirutFitness), and Chantal (@leblogdechanty)
Pearl, Christine (@BeirutFitness), and Chantal (@leblogdechanty)
Working on inversions

I loved that Dee is very particular about alignment and posture. She took the time to explain a lot of details that are often overlooked by many yoga professionals and as a trainer myself I really appreciated the “technical” explanations behind why she wanted us to get in/out of or hold poses a certain way. I enjoyed that meditation and breathing techniques were included in an approachable way since many of the attendees were first time practitioners.

earth restaurant at zenotel

Dee will be back in July and hosting more events around Lebanon so keep an eye out on her Instagram page for future announcements!

Pearl Maalouf
Pearl Maalouf