Nutritional Information Overload!!!

We get so caught up in fads that we forget to put effort in to the basics!

Nutritional Information Overload!!!

By: Robert Maalouf BS, CSCS, FMSC, CPT, CF-L1

With so many sources of information these days, it is difficult find the proper information on nutrition that will work for you. We all know that no workout program is complete without a healthy balanced nutrition regimen. So where can we find the secret information that will transform our bodies? It is simple, there is no secret.

Every one of us is different, and our bodies vary greatly. What has worked for me may not for you. Your nutrition will depend on your goals, genetics and fitness level. Many people ask me what my diet is so that they may imitate it to get results. I assure you, most people would gain weight if they consumed as many calories as I do- I have been training at a high intensity level for almost a decade. If a beginner were to eat the same meal plan as me they wouldn’t get the same results. Do yourself a favor and don’t try to copy any fad diets or celebrity diets, you need to experiment and find what works for you.

There are many debates in the world of nutrition as to what the optimal diet is and all this information can be contradicting and overwhelming. The best approach we can take is to figure out what the common ground is and apply it. At that point, your body will let you know if this is the correct approach for you as an individual.

Below I will outline some of the basic nutritional guidelines that I have found to work for myself and my clients:

  • Focus on whole foods. Whole foods are typically unprocessed and unrefined; furthermore they do not contain additives, preservatives or artificial ingredients. My basic rule of thumb is, “if you can’t find it in nature, then you probably shouldn’t eat it”. This doesn’t apply to everything of course–but just something to keep in mind when you’re considering if something is good for you or not.
  • Eat more vegetables. Learn how to properly use vegetables in your cooking. Vegetables can add a lot of volume to your meals and they pack a lot of nutrition while being low in calories. If you think Vegetables = lettuce and tomatoes… take a trip down the produce aisle, I’m sure you will find some vegetables that you have no idea how to eat!
  • Drink plenty of water. This sounds simple but many of us don’t do it. This is a very easy step that will lead to detoxification, increased performance and even weight loss.
  • Burn more calories than you consume. Find whatever way to make this equation work for you. A good way to turn this equation in your favor is to add exercise to your lifestyle. The appropriate workout program will not only burn calories during the workout but also boost your metabolism so that your body is continuing to burn calories even when you are not at the gym!

There you have it! A few simple guidelines to get you started, and remember, there is no need to overcomplicate things. Make sure to keep following us for all the latest tips on exercise and nutrition. Feel free to comment and ask questions!!!

Robert Maalouf
Robert Maalouf