Fitness is a crucial part of your health journey. These tools are great if you are working out at home or at a gym. Some of them may already be provided to you by your gym, or you may want to purchase them yourself to use at home. Either way take a look at our top recommendations for fitness tools!

We’ve also included a few book recommendations if you’re a bookworm like us 🙂


Bodyweight/Home/Beginer workouts

TRX Kit – The TRX is an excellent piece of equipment that takes up almost no space when you’re not using it! It comes with a anchor you can put into a wall and clip on the handles. From there you can do an excellent full body workout! Since you’re using your own bodyweight as resistance it’s super easy to adjust just how hard or easy you want the workout to be.

Jump Rope – Yes. Yes….I’m being serious. Don’t roll your eyes at me! This is not your 12 year old jump rope with the beads on it. You don’t have to sing songs while you’re jump roping either. This jump rope will give you the best cardio workout you will ever have…and it will be 10 times more fun than the treadmill (well, once you get good at it), until then it will give you some good laughs. I recommend doing it with a friend to increase the entertainment factor 🙂 And if you get REALLY good, check this one out. I use this one when I want to practice double or triple unders.

Resistance bands – I use these primarily for pull ups, though Robert uses them as added resistance when he lifts. If you’re just learning how to do pull ups you can wrap this band around the bar and stick your knee in the loop you’ve created. The band will then help you as you do a pull up. As you improve you can move on to lighter bands. I usually start people on the thickest one (in this case Black or Green bands) and then over time move them up. It can take months, sometimes even a year before you move up a band level, depending on how often you practice.

Pull up Bar – Speaking of pull ups, this bar has three grip options: narrow, wide, and neutral. Neutral is my favorite (palms facing each other). Put it up in a doorway at home and you have no excuse not to be able to get a great full body workout in!

Foam Roller (level 1) – 95% of people are going to need this foam roller in their lives. Even if you don’t work out that intensely or frequently you NEED this! I swear people come in to the gym, use the foam roller and just go “ahhhhh”. It’s  a self massager that you can use to hit your back, legs, groin, IT band, and a bit of your shoulders. It’s really amazing to use after long hours of sitting at work, if you want to increase flexibility, as a warm up, or if you’re really sore. Basically, for everything 😛

Gloves (men) (women) – I personally don’t mind having calluses and they don’t look bad since I take care of them. But a lot of our clients would rather not have them so we started carrying the Harbinger brand of gloves in our gym, and our clients love them. Women mostly used the small/medium sizes whereas for men the large was more popular. But double check their sizes just to make sure!

Heart Rate Monitor – It’s always difficult to tell just how hard you’re going during a workout. On days when you’re feeling lazy lifting your butt off the couch will feel hard while on other days you are sprinting around the track! This monitor will let you know exactly how hard you’re working so you can’t cheat yourself!

Aeromat and/or Aeromat balance pad – If you’re wrists get sore from pushups or planks this cushion-y mat might just do the trick! This is the ONLY mat we use in our gym and it’s so durable. The pad is great for any one who thinks that they can’t kneel from knee pain…this pad is so amazing! I always use this if I’m ever doing a workout on my knees (like ab roll outs or knee pushups). It can also be used to improve balance.


For Heavy lifters

Foam/Rumble Roller (level 2) – Consider this “foam roller 2.0” these spikey things might look friendly but they are NOT! If you’re a muscular/beefy/thick person then you might need this foam roller to get all up in your meat and really smooth out your muscle fibers! Not for the faint of heart. Other non-beefy people may love this too; if you’re not feeling it anymore from a regular foam roller then you may need to step up your game and invest in one of these. This is the link for the full size rumble roller.

Lifting Chalk – BEFORE you purchase this- check if your gym (if you go to a gym) lets you use chalk. Some gyms have a strict no chalk rule. My previous gyms also had this rule but I made sure to clean up after myself so I always got away with it 😛 This tub has lasted me awhile

Lacrosse Balls – Don’t be shocked by this one- it’s actually quite popular for self massaging/myofascial release among athletes. You can read the full description through the link but it basically can help relieve all your pains! Unlike the foam rollers because of its shape it is super targeted to a specific area and you can really focus on breaking down any knots you may have!

Fat Gripz – If there is a Z at the end of a word you know it’s serious. This rubber glove will get your forearms pumped like you never thought was possible. If you want a strong grip, veiny forearms, or just want to take your arm workouts to the next level- you need this in your life!  And if you dare – I haven’t yet – try out the EXTREME



Nike Yoga mat – This mat is seriously my fav. It has a little string that keeps it rolled and makes it easy to carry back and forth. It’s very anti-slip and doesn’t crumble after a few uses. I’ve had a few cheaper yoga mats that just make a huge mess anytime I take them out so investing in this mat was a great decision.

Yoga block – A MUST when you’re first starting! Any block will do honestly–this is the cheapest one I found on amazon. I’ve even used books stacked on top of each other when I was practicing at home and didn’t have a block.

Toe Sox – In the beginning when you’re still developing the strength to keep yourself from slipping these SOX have these little no-slip rubber thingies on the bottom to help you out. I use these mostly when I teach- since I’m always walking around the classroom I don’t always have my mat under me when I get in to a pose. These socks really help keep me from slippingd. They also sell no-slip gloves but I haven’t tried them out yet myself.



Supple Leopard – “The Ultimate Guide to Resolving Pain, Preventing Injury, and Optimizing Athletic Performance” Not much more of a description is needed!

Yoga Anatomy – I’m a big believer in mind-muscle connection, and looking at the poses and seeing what muscles to focus on has made a big improvement on my practice!

Yoga Adjustments – Even if you do yoga at home, by yourself, this book will help you learn about how you should open in each pose. It’s written mainly for teachers but I think if you can visualize what a teacher would want you to do and how to correct poses then you can delve that much deeper in to your practice!

Disclaimer: Please note that some of the links are affiliate links and we will earn a commission if you purchase through those links. We have used all of the products listed and recommend them because they are companies that we have found helpful and trustworthy. Please let us know if you have any questions about anything listed!