Rock Your Wedding!

Rock your Wedding

How I had the best wedding- from a physical, mental, and spiritual perspective!

By: Pearl Maalouf BS, FMSC, CPT, CF-L1

I met the love of my life June 11th 2008 and I got to marry him in a beautiful ceremony October 11th 2014!

Like most other couples we wanted our pictures to be amazing. We wanted to have the energy to not just party all night, but to be the life of the party. We also had to have enough energy to go on all day tours with our friends and family that were flying in all over the world for the wedding.

Flexing in my wedding dress!
Flexing in my wedding dress!

Of course Robert and I have been in the fitness world for about a decade now so we were already in pretty good shape. But I knew that I wanted to look my absolute best-and so did he- because for us, we really believe this was going to be a once in a lifetime experience. I didn’t always work out as hard as I could, I skipped cardio sessions, and I liked to have a few extra treats in the week. I had also been having really bad acne breakouts the months leading up to the wedding-probably due to moving internationally, opening a new business, and anticipating a wedding… all within a 4 month period.

During one of our pre-wedding workouts!

Once we were 2 months out from the wedding I got serious about the wedding prep-not only to get in the best shape but to also hopefully clear up my skin before the wedding! Robert and I synced up our training times so we held each other accountable-and also had some “us time”. The training sessions with Robert were great therapy sessions for us too. We had different opinions on wedding decor and entertainment, and a lot of times we were able to solve any issues while catching our breath after a hard set. Other training sessions we promised not to talk at all about the wedding and we focused more on each other. We talked about other things that were going on in our lives. Even other times we would get annoyed at each other–but since we had promised to workout together, we stuck through it and by the end we were making up. Another good life lesson–don’t walk away when you’re mad, stay and try to work it out!

Running intervals around the harbor!

Even when we didn’t talk, the fact that we were both working hard to look our best for our wedding gave us an amazing connection. We never felt closer-emotionally, physically, and spiritually than in those training sessions-and the effects lasted long after. I felt as if we could face anything together, and the strength and harmony we had in the gym translated to so many other situations.

Once it was time for the wedding, seeing him in his suit-and so confident in how he rocked his suit-was amazing! The self confidence I had in my dress let me concentrate on him–and partying it up–and not worrying about how I looked! Robert swears all the jump rope sessions we did gave us the endurance to jump around all night on the dance floor!

If you are sweating for the wedding, bring along your significant other. You may get annoyed with each other, but stick through it. After all, that’s what marriage is like–a long workout at the gym, some sets are easy, some exercises are hard and grueling. But you’re in it together and as hard as it gets, you’ve got to make it work!


Oh and P.S. my skin looked great on my wedding day!!! 🙂

Wedding Photos by : Patrick Sawaya Photography

Pearl Maalouf