Spinney’s Online Delivery – REVIEW

If you haven’t tried it yet – Spinney’s online delivery service is a life changer! I’m usually the type of person that loves walking down every aisle and spends hours at the grocery store, but with baby Max that really isn’t an option anymore! I’ve ordered delivery now 4 times and from every department they have; deli, frozen, alcohol, fruits, baby items, etc and I don’t have any complaints.

Online shopping has saved me so much time and hassle, with Beirut traffic it makes going to and from the grocery store a big trip! And of course when you order online you don’t have to wait in line to pay at the cashier, load/unload your groceries, or walk around in crowded stores. As a new mom I’m up at all hours of the night – and I can conveniently order at any time – even at 2AM! You can just make a few clicks from the comfort of your home/office and go back to spending your time doing whatever you want – of course we recommend spending that extra time at the gym! 🙂

Starting off you make your own account where you can save your home address and favorite items that you frequently buy. You can also see previous orders and with one click quickly reorder all of the same items! Delivery is free if you order over 100, 000LL and you can choose the day (same day or schedule delivery for any day up to 3 weeks in advance)  and time frame for delivery (morning or afternoon). If anything you ordered is out of stock they will call to let you know and offer suitable replacements. When your order is completed they send you an SMS when the truck is out for delivery and you pay the driver cash when he arrives.spinneys-online-delivery

As far as the quality of the products; the produce is always fresh, anything that needs to be frozen gets stored in a freezer on the truck, anything that needs refrigeration arrives chilled and they put stickers on all items that need to be put away immediately by the customer so you can take care of those bags first! The rest of your bags have stickers with your name on it so the driver can make sure you’re getting all of the items that you ordered.

It’s a great system and I wish I had tried out Spinney’s online delivery system sooner! Try it out for yourself here: SpinneysDelivery.com