Weekend at Château Sainte-Andrée

If you live in a warmer climate you can go the whole year without seeing any snow..and if it was up to my husband he would be just fine without any cold weather. On the other hand, I love the snow and enjoy bundling up on occasion. So on the recommendation of a friend we headed up to Château Sainte-Andrée for a night.

We happened to pick a weekend of heavy snow – the roads leading up to the Chateau (located in Ghabele) are quite steep and winding so with extreme caution (and 4 wheel drive) we made it there about 1.5 hours later from the Beirut area. The owner, Paul Sacre, met us and welcomed us into our little room for the night. Before I go into any more detail I must advise you that they do various promotions where for you get a night’s stay, wine tasting, open wine dinner, and breakfast for a great price. It’s really a great value for a little escape. Check out their facebook page for more info. Be sure to let them know that we sent you 🙂

Beautiful grounds at night.
Rustic and beautiful!

The owner of the vineyard has built up the area piece by piece, starting with the vineyard, adding the wine tasting and restaurant, then the accommodations. It’s a cozy place, perfect for the winter and I’m sure it’s beautiful in other seasons! The vineyard is set atop a mountain overlooking a valley and an amazing view of a little Lebanese town below. To the right are gorgeous snow capped mountains. To the left is the beautiful Mediterranean Sea.

The owner Paul sharing his passion with the group!
Cold but wine-happy 🙂
The boys enjoying the snow the next morning!

The owner, Paul, has such a passion for his wine that throughout your entire stay he will be guiding the way making sure you have an enjoyable time, answer all of your questions during the wine tasting and to welcome you to breakfast the next morning. Their wines (and other handmade products) are only available from their vineyard and it is well worth the trip up to try them! I won’t give away all of his secrets but the “tortured grapes” do make some sweet wine!

Beautiful breakfast spread the next morning!
Surrounded by nature!